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New Tablet Manufacturing Machinery

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Tablet Presses

Tablet Presses

Tablet/Capsule Counting & Sorting Machine

Tablet/Capsule Counting & Sorting Machine

  • All parts are very easily replaced, including PC boards of control system
  • Automated system with conveyor and controls available
  • Batch counting ranges from 1 to 9,999 pieces
  • Chip and powder collection included
  • Designed for easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Low noise
  • No additional change parts required for different products
  • Smooth operating rotary system with computerized counter control allows for a high degree of accuracy
  • The 304 stainless steel cabinet, product hopper and glass turntable meet cGMP requirements
The AC - 202 high speed batch counter is designed to efficiently count a wide variety of product shapes accurately. It accommodates tablets, capsules or ...
Tablet/Capsule Inspection Table

Tablet/Capsule Inspection Table

  • Accommodates all sizes of tablets and capsules
  • Durable, easy cleaning conveyor belt
  • No noise operation
  • Quick changeover from tablets to capsules and back
  • Simple and convenient operation and maintenance
  • Sturdy stainless steel construction meets cGMP requirements
  • Variable speed tablet/capsule feeding
The HealthStar's flip-over style tablet/capsule inspection table is designed for thorough examination to determine the presence of flawed tablets and capsules.

HealthStar can supply a full range of tablet and capsule processing and packaging equipment.
Tablet Dedusters

Tablet Dedusters

Tablet Press Control System

Tablet Press Control System

The TCS System is designed to:
  • Adjust & Control Tablet Weight via Main Compression Force Feedback
  • Reject Out of Specification Tablets
  • Graphically Display Average Main Force
  • Maximum Force Setting to Protect Tablet Tooling
  • Alarm Display For Efficient Troubleshooting
  • Display Individual Station Peak Force
  • Display Tablet Reject Count Per Station
  • Display Depth of Fill
  • Enable Device Calibration
  • Incorporate Simple Screen Navigation via Function Keys
  • Control Turret/Feeder Speed (Option)
  • Shutdown Tablet Press Due to Low Hopper (Option), Maximum Main Compression Force
  • Improve Quality Assurance By:
    • Implementing Process Control in ...
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