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Used Machinery

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960-03 (2)

New Arrivals


Equipment just received and ready to ship from our Randolph, MA facility.

Exhibit main

Tradeshow Exhibit

We need to make room in our warehouse!  This tradeshow exhibit can be inspected and is ready to ship from our Randolph, MA facility.

957-05 Filler

Filling Equipment



General Processing Equipment



Laboratory Equipment


Cartoning Machines (14303-851-06)

Packaging Equipment


37211-844-42 main

Plant Support Equipment



Tablet Presses & Deduster Equipment (26251-925-03)

Solid Dose Equipment


Sterile Equipment


Tanks & Kettles


Pharmaceutical Plant Liquidation


HealthStar, Inc. was contracted to liquidate the assets listed from a pharmaceutical facility in Grand Island, NY 

610-26 Main

Laboratory Equipment Liquidation


Laboratory equipment located at HealthStar's Randolph, MA facility. 


Syringe Filling Line


Line Consists of:

Inova Syringe Filler
Inova Syringe Labeler/Plunger Inserter
Seidenader High Speed Syringe Inspection Machine

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