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  B/F/S Rebuilding Process, Rebuilding Services

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Blow/Fill/Seal specialists: Over 25 years of experience in the industry.

Filling System: Complete upgrade with stainless steel contact parts designed for specific applications and install new product filter housing(s).

Air System: New piping of air system as required with new filter housings.

Extruder/Parison Head: Rework or replace barrel and screw, install new motor and drive, and/or rebuild existing new parison to meet new application.

Take Out/Deflashing Assembly: Build a patented top deflasher into the machine for smooth operation

Guards and Safety: Complete safety interlocks with hydraulic lock-out and quick pressure dump. Additional guards incorporated where needed. Manual function security code through PLC for manual operation

Electrical Upgrade: Full PLC machine control with plasma touch screen interface and userfriendly prompts for easy and precise control.

General Upgrade: All hydraulic cylinders, vacuum valves, power pack and carriage can be fully rebuilt or replaced.

Installation and Warranty: Each rebuilt machine carries a 180-day warranty with in-plant startup and training.

Complete mold manufacturing and design services available.

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BFS Customer Success Story for Rebuilding Services (B/F/S Rebuilding Process)
(PDF, 94KB)

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